I am actively buying "fresh to market" Japanese Swords

If you have an old Japanese sword, and are considering selling it, please contact me!

As you can see, I do have this website to resell swords, so I can pay you stronger prices than 99.9% of collectors you will meet.

I have an ideal market which reaches top buyers world wide, so I will pay you higher prices for the blades I want.

You are welcome to email me photos of your sword for evaluation and consideration. This way I can let you know if I am interested in seeing it in person. If I like your photos, I will email you to let you know to send me the sword for a hands on examination.

When you do send your sword, you are responsible to send it fully insured, so you are properly compensated if your sword is lost or damaged in transit by the shipper.

Once your sword arrives, I will send you an email confirming it's arrival.

I will need 3 days or less to examine the blade. I will then email you with my offer.

If I do not buy your sword, I will have it back in the mail fast, usually with in 24 hours, or by the next business day.


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